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Brioni F/W 2021

Paving the way for a new day, the Brioni Fall/Winter 2021 collection reveals a new approach to dressing that is bright and promising. It suggests a dignified and boldly masculine idea of luxury as rather personal indulgence.

Brioni F/W 2021
Brioni F/W 2021

The Fall/Winter 2021 wardrobe is wide and considered, and obeys to a softening of the codes. The Brioni men are gentle and self assured. They layer and combine, instinctively following their whims. They are elegant, in a nonchalant kind of way.

The design is essential and intentionally understated. Shapes are defined yet supple, with indulgent details. Materials are luxurious and tactile featuring refined textures: cashmere, wool, silk, leather.

The color palette spans from black and white to beige, brown, dusty pink and icy blue, cascading into an excess of teal.

The tailoring caresses the body whilst keeping its defining precision. Meanwhile, the offer expands to encompass garments that cover every moment of a man’s life, from business attire to leisure to the weekend. Everything unmistakably Brioni.

The House’s storied signature, the iconic formal suit, is introduced in a new lightweight construction, featuring a larger lapel inspired by the Brioni archive and embellished by a myriad of heritage tailoring details. Extravagant eveningwear brings the decadence of Rome to mind, with bold colors and precious fabrics inspired by the House’s rich history.


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