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Borsalino Straw Hats

People are getting better about wearing sunscreen in everyday life, but few realize how important it is to protect your head in the summer. Sunshine is delicious but great weather of course means having to keep yourself safe in the sunshine and the chicest way to keep your face in the shade is with an elegant straw hat.

Borsalino Straw Hats
Borsalino Straw Hats

From the luxurious Panama Montecristi hand-woven in Ecuador to the creations in fine natural straw, the collection of Borsalino straw hats is the most refined and elegant you can find for the summer season.

Seen every season on VIPs, celebrities, runways and red carpets, the straw hat is one of the most beloved, stylish protagonists for summer and it looks good on everyone. Whether it’s worn at the beach or in the city, it has the magical ability to highlight personal style with characteristic flair, while still providing the important function of protection against the sun’s rays.

Iconic images that portrayed actresses like Brigitte Bardot and Laurence de Monaghan donning these hats shortly followed, up to the first straw hat to hit the runway in 1965. Today, designers and stylists continue their love affair with this chic accessory, revolutionizing it into a thousand playful variations for both men and women. From wide to narrow brims, colorful or natural palettes, embellished with pins or scarves, interpretations for straw hats are endless but always in the name of elegance.

*Images have been exclusively taken for The London Man Blog at the Borsalino store, galleria Emmanuel II, in Milan.

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