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Boglioli FW19

The Fall Winter 2019 wardrobe of the Boglioli man is a journey of style, a trip in phases which connects iconic themes of the brand’s heritage with new concepts. The goal is easy elegance of the timeless garments made of precious materials, styles that represent the contemporary response to everyday needs.

The fabrics of the new collection are the result of the mix between tradition and innovation, Italian manufacturing art and avant-garde spirit, tailored elegance and relaxed luxury: cashmere field jackets, macro Prince of Whales suits, casentino coats, vegetal tartan jackets, corduroy trousers and cable knit sweaters.

Milanesita is the connection between the places and the people, between arts, crafts and transports, between styles and traditions, and the connection between space and creativity. It is an experience involving the five senses: the taste presents itself among the various happy hours, the touch from the rustling of fabrics, the smell of a typical trattoria, the keeper of Milanese memories, the sound of the traffic and the rattling of the trams, the sight captured by the palaces of Brera with austere architecture which express a human, poetic romanticism.

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