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Ben Sherman / Archive Collection AW19

Heritage means many things - for Ben Sherman, it means expertise. Over fifty years of history, design and culture has meant the Ben Sherman repertoire has expanded and evolved to match every decade and every style.


For many of their fans and friends across the globe, the Ben Sherman archive is an event; a celebration of what makes our beloved British brand great with classic styles coming back to the forefront.

AW2019 is no different – the latest additions to the eminent Archive range are sure to knock you all the way back to the golden age.

The Sugarman Shirt – 1960’s

Long requested, long awaited – this is a near-perfect recreation of one of the 1960s originals that set the fashion world on fire. Ben Sherman noticed in 1963 that subculture was reliant on imports to get that perfect Ivy style – he stepped out in bold, new colourways with vertical stripes, ginghams and checks that popped out against the crowd, each with that comfortable Oxford collar and premium fabric.

This brand new set of colourways – Pink and Dark Blue – feature his favourite candy striping, a three finger button down collar and a straight hem.

Punks & Their Plaids – 1980’s

By the 1980s, the world of Subculture had changed – it had become in your face, ahead of the game and pure rebellion. This new market wanted the ultimate in vibrant checks, tartans and plaids that turned heads and stomped out the competition.

The result was this – the Carnaby Shirt. With two bright colourways, this Tartan shirt wears its attitude on its sleeve – no holds barred. Available in Navy and Red, this short sleeved shirt features a three finger collar and straight hem.

The Classic Benny – 1960’s

A classic born out of Sugarman’s love of premium cotton. The Benny is a heavyweight Oxford with long sleeved, mitred cuffs and a selection of colourways. This is one of the staples of the Ben Sherman history, enduring and unwavering.

In a time where fast fashion simply wasn’t a concept, the Benny was reliable. It lasted far outside most shirts from the era and did so with a flourish. When you hear of a subculture icon saving for their first Sherman shirt, chances are it’s the Benny that kickstarted their love of the original mod icon.

Pure quality. The Benny features heavyweight cotton, mitred cuffs, a straight hem and the classic three finger button down collar.

The Archive Parka – 1960’s

The Parka sees a history in military usage, and during the 50s became commonplace for the boys to wear on and off camp. It quickly became a Civilian fashion, and was sold off cheap from military surplus stores.

The result was a hardy, durable and weatherproof jacket that was ideal for those weekend rideouts. Those sharp, smart mod wardrobes could be protected from the Scooter’s grease and muck, and, characterised by this striking new youth culture, newspapers and pop culture cemented the Parka as a mod essential.

The new Archive Parka is something special. It’s practically a military specification all by itself, with authentic proofed cotton produced by Halley Stevenson’s of Scotland, who have been proofing garments since 1864. This isn’t just a Parka – it’s a premium, long-lasting jacket for the man seeking an investment.

Every attention is brought to quality, style and specification, creating the epitomy of a mod heritage classic with quality that Sugarman would be proud of. With a Fishtail hem, drawcord waist and an adjustable three piece hood, in an authentic Khaki green.

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