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An Overview of the Esxence 2022 Event

The London Man Blog attended once more the International Artistic Perfumery Event in Milan and met some of the best perfumers and brands in the world. We had the opportunity to get to know the real protagonists of a fascinating world of fragrances, where history and tradition are combined with innovation and research.

An Overview of the Esxence 2022 Event
An Overview of the Esxence 2022 Event

An exhibition area dedicated to excellence, together with a rich and interesting calendar of meetings and events, which offer to the public – last edition reached more than 7,000 attendees – a unique and unmissable experience.

The world’s most important exhibition in the field of Artistic Perfumery and an exclusive showcase of the finest craft production, took plsce from 15 to 18 June 2022 and this time was hosted for the first time in the top-end design venue of MiCo, Milano Convention Centre, the throbbing heart of the CityLife District.

This year’s edition was distinguished by a strong international streak that led Esxence to new developments.

A veritable forge of innovation and of stylistic and aesthetic research in the field of perfumery, the event faced new challenges and welcomed the international community of business operatives and aficionados in the name of the most authentic, refined olfactory culture.

In the course of the event’s four days, long-established perfume houses, noses, researchers, operatives and perfume lovers had the chance to take the plunge into the refined, magical world of artistic fragrances came from every corner of the globe and starring in enticing, captivating stories.

The concept chosen for this new edition of Esxence, was “Through The Mirror”, which translates into beauty, singularity, awareness, intimacy and conscience.

That mirror was the characteristic feature this year, enabling visitors to see the many different facets of reality and offered a pathway through, to go exploring new worlds, such as the world of artistic perfumery and of art.

Seen through this mirror, perfume is the reflection of our personality, capable of narrating our profoundest being, our very essence.

But, at the same time, it can also reflect our most hidden, mysterious sides, sides that we have never yet revealed to anyone: who we are and who we would like to be...

*All Images have been taken exclusively for The London Man Blog at the Esxence 2022 event in Milan.

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