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You’re wondering what a woman is doing at Savile Row, if she has gotten lost on the way to Regent Street and accidentally found herself in the most famous street known for traditional men's bespoke tailoring. What Alex does bring to the prestigious street is a less intimidating option for her clients, who are perhaps making their first venture into tailoring, without pressurizing them into tragic style decisions!

The Weekend Vacation Navy Polo by Alex Wood

I always believed that women have a different approach to designing menswear because they benefit from knowing what makes a man look good through the eyes of a woman.

Alexandra Wood is the first female tailor on Savile Row and she has already won all kinds of accolades for her bespoke suits. Her tailored fit suits are clothes conceived designed and produced with a high level of craftsmanship and manufacturing skill.

Alex designs and creates made to measure and bespoke tailoring to enhance your body shape, style and image.

Florentina Citta Tie by Alex Wood

Alexandra’s impeccably tailored suits have a unique elegance, a quiet beauty and a cool modernity in a chic, classic and flattering style.

Glyndebourne Cream Dinner Jacket

Her customers come from all over the world to experience a friendly service that helps them feel confident and find their own personal style. Believe me, Alexandra herself and her warm team will offer you a joyful and unforgettable experience.

The Weekend Vacation Navy Polo by Alex Wood

Alexandra Wood kindly sent us two pieces from her amazing clothing collection, the Weekend Vacation Navy Polo Shirt and the Fiorentina Citta Silk Tie. Both of them show her unique craftsmanship and excellent sense of style.

The Weekend Polo Shirt is knitted from pure merino wool which gives it a premium appearance, is super soft, very comfortable, dries quickly while maintaining breath-ability and giving me the ability to easily move in all directions.

The Fiorentina Citta Silk Tie is exactly as the saying goes, "buy quality and you never regret it." It's a piece of clothing that speaks of elegance, sophistication, class and matches both my style and personality.

Florentina Citta Tie by Alex Wood

Meet Alex

The visionary drive behind Alexandra Wood is, of course, the leading lady herself. Alex continues to break the mold when it comes to delivering exceptional quality and service in menswear. It’s not just about the suits she believes in; it’s the experience every client has with Alex herself and how that leads to you looking and feeling unimaginably good.

“I feel privileged to be part of your journey and cannot wait to get you looking your best.”

“My obsession for designing,” she reveals, “started at 21 when I became the tailoring manager for Shanghai Tang’s bespoke department. It’s an obsession that’s only heightened ever since.

Alexandra Wood

“That early role was a dream come true – designing for great people who trusted me to make them look amazing.

With the success of Alexandra Wood, it’s more of an honor than ever.

Not only that, but as rewarding for me as it is for every man who leaves our showrooms walking taller than ever.

“I feel privileged to be part of your journey and cannot wait to get you looking your best.”

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