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3 Best Matière Première Perfumes

As the name suggests, Matiere Premiere‘s primary dedication is to precious raw materials from around the world. They are at the heart of the work of Aurélien Guichard, 7th Generation perfumer, who offers a contemporary approach towards the art of French high-end perfumes and his contribution to the perfume industry is worthy of recognition.

3 Best Matière Première Perfumes
3 Best Matière Première Perfumes

Aurelien Guichard is responsible for the fragrances produced by Tagasako. Matiere Premiere, or 'raw materials', is his personal perfume line which consists of eight genderless fragrances for both women and men. The foundation of each fragrance are notes squeezed out of the nature. The main characters of sensual perfumes are: coffee, vanilla, labdanum, ambrettolide or orange blossom, entangled in enigmatic, lascivious variations.

Falcon Leather Eau de Parfum

A warm, Oriental fragrance that goes beyond the ordinary. A falconer's leather glove is the starting point to Matiere Premiere's Falcon Leather eau de parfum. The aroma of tanned nubuck is drawn out by a combination of saffron and Ciste Labdanum, whilebenzoin absolutefrom Laos brings a carnal undercurrent to the proceedings.

  • Eau de parfum

  • Oriental

  • Base note: Agar wood

  • Middle note: Birch tar

  • Top note: Saffron

Encens Suave Eau de Parfum

Not for the fainthearted, this incense-heavy fragrance opens to a chorus of coffee. Matiere Premiere's mission is in its name - a respect for raw materials. Carnal and addictive, Encens Suave revolves around a Somalian incense core, with precious Labdanum Absolute from Andalusia and Benzoin Absolute from laos drawing out its base. Along the top, Venezuelan coffee and a sweet hit of Madagascan Vanilla temper the eau de parfum's weighty warmth.

  • Eau de parfum

  • Oriental

  • Base note: Cistus

  • Middle note: Incense

  • Top note: Coffee

  • 100ml

Neroli Oranger Eau de Parfum

Just a single spritz releases the essence of orange blossom. The purity of orange blossom is the starting point for Matiere Premiere's Neroli Oranger eau de parfum. As the brand suggests, the House takes utmost care of its precious ingredients, drawing out the fresh, radiant heart of this fragrance with Italian bergamot and neroli oil from Lebanon.

  • Eau de parfum

  • Floral

  • Base note: Ylang ylang

  • Middle note: Orange blossom

  • Top note: Neroli

*Image taken exclusively for The London Man Blog at Harrods

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