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How To Wear A Velvet Blazer

Men wear velvet blazers to add sumptuous visual appeal to their outfits. This famous, versatile fashion piece is a smart casual look that can also be worn as formal attire. Velvet pairs well with most anything, from denim to elegant scarves.

How To Wear A Velvet Blazer
How To Wear A Velvet Blazer

1. Find out first if you think there may be style requirements where you’re going. If you’re attending a formal restaurant or a gathering for work, appropriate neck-wear may be expected. Consider the situation and use your best judgement.

If you want to wear a necktie, consider paisley prints, solid colors, or neckties with checks or stripes.

If you’re wearing a collared shirt without a necktie, make sure your collar is taut. You should starch and iron it and use collar stays. If you don’t want to press it yourself, get it dry cleaned and ask for light or heavy starch.

If you’re not wearing a necktie, keep in mind that the more buttons you undo on your collar, more your look presents a casual and even daring vibe. Consider the people you’ll be with and the mood of the gathering.

2. If possible, pair your blazer with a crisp, new, collared shirt in a white shade. Match your jacket with a dark-colored necktie or bow-tie. A sleek combination is a black velvet blazer with dark gray or black suit trousers.

For a bit more casual of an evening look, swap out the collared shirt with a solid-colored t-shirt, and top it with a formal scarf.

3. You can get velvet smoking jacket blazers in short or long lengths. This is a lightweight, casual look, typically with two to three buttons that close the blazer over your torso. For an extra convenience factor, get a blazer with side and interior pockets.

For a bold, modern look, wear a smoking jacket in an animal print jacquard, with the rest of your outfit a single, dark shade.

Consider a matching velvet bow tie.

4. Choose a watch, belt and shoes that are as exact of a color match as possible. Match the metal of your watch, if applicable, to the shade of metal in your belt buckle. Consider adding a pocket square.

For instance, if your watch is a brown leather band, your belt and shoes should be brown leather in a matching shade.Fold your pocket square evenly.

Put it in your pocket with 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch showing.

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