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8 Tips on How to Wear Oxford Shoes

The oxford shoes is the classic type of shoes that are low cut, made of leather, and has the iconic lace up design. They were traditionally a fairly formal shoe that was designed for men, but now they are much more versatile. Oxfords can be worn with the most casual jeans. The style is up to you. To wear Oxfords, choose your shoes and then decide on a casual or formal look.

8 Tips on How to Wear Oxford Shoes
8 Tips on How to Wear Oxford Shoes

1. The most common and traditional Oxfords usually come in a neutral color—like black, brown, or beige. A neutral color is a great choice if you want to wear your shoes with a variety of outfits. You can dress a neutral color up or down.

2. Oxfords don’t just come in neutral colors. You can also find them in bright colors, like turquoise, or with multiple colors. Colorful Oxfords are a great choice if you like to mix traditional and modern style.

3. Metallic Oxfords are fun and give an edgy element to your look. You can find metallic Oxfords in gold, rose gold, or silver. Pair these Oxfords with a simple outfit to add something special to your style. Or, wear them with an already edgy outfit to take your look to the next level.

4. Oxfords are traditionally fairly flat shoes with a slight heel, but they can also be found in a platform style. Platform Oxfords are great for adding height and edge to your look. They can be worn with a variety of outfits, but this type of Oxford probably wouldn’t work for formal attire.

5. Oxfords always have been and will continue to be a great option for suits. Wear a pair of brown Oxfords with a beige or brown suit. Choose black Oxfords with a black and more formal suit. Essentially, choose Oxfords that pair well with your suit rather than standing out. You can wear square-toed shoes, but rounded-toe Oxfords are classic, smooth, and visually appealing.

6. Suits, of course, don’t only come in neutral colors. If you are wearing a colorful suit, choose Oxfords to match or put the focus on the suit. For example, if you are wearing a purple suit, wear a pair of purple or black Oxfords.

7. Button-downs and slacks will always be a great, classy choice for Oxfords. Choose a white button-down, black pants, and black Oxfords for a wedding or office environment. Wear a pastel-colored shirt, brown pants, and brown Oxfords for a more laid-back occasion.

8. Pair the Oxfords with jeans and a T-shirt or sweater. This is a cute, versatile, and comfortable look. You can substitute the T-shirt for a tank top or sweater, depending on the weather. Keep the look simple by pairing it with neutral-colored Oxfords, or wear metallic Oxfords for livelier style.

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