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Kotez: Rollin' In The Sun

Manchester-based Producer and musician Kotez, is the man behind a collection of uplifting club tracks from 2013. Starting from the ripe age of 13 spent most of his youth and teenage years locked away focused on a new true passion. fascinated by Trance & rave culture in his early years working in Spinnin records in Manchester, learning instruments and production.

Kotez: Rollin' In The Sun

Moving forward into other genres starting Kotez in 2011, the first release under the alias on London based label EIGHT FX, Was a personal success getting backed by Diplo on a compilation "Luvstep". Djing at mint club in Leeds with benga and other big names. Kotez music has been played in clubs and festivals around the world. a large collection of unreleased material over ten years have also gained popularity. A large focus & passion lies with analog synthesis and sound design, creating and developing and inspiring others. moving forward through 2019 and onwards a new series of projects are planned featuring new and established artists. Along side new solo material.

Deepo forged his skills in manchester as the current wave of sound gathered momentum and broke. From an angry young rapper to an artist with unique insight, Deepo (James de Podesta)has found his voice and feet, and has some bits to put out.

From providing public service broadcasting in rhyming couplets, to collaborations with international drum bass artist dub phizix, it's been interesting so far. In a new political era where truth is expendable, Deepo's focus is now the truth before his eyes that we all see.


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