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When to Wear a Brown Suit

A brown suit can be a versatile and reliable part of your wardrobe. Look to pair yours with white and light blue shirts, and complement these outfits with a wide variety of ties and other accessories. You can even wear a brown sport coat in more casual contexts, perhaps with denim and a knit sweater.

When to Wear a Brown Suit

Wear a brown suit for semi-formal or business casual contexts. Brown suits are best for dinner parties and warm-weather celebrations, such as weddings. They are also great in relatively informal but professional office environments.

Consider another colored suit for an interview. Job interviews are not an appropriate time to wear your brown suit. Even if you look great, brown sends a comforting and reliable vibe, but also risks making you seem simple, old-fashioned, or overly intellectual. Other colors, such as charcoal and navy, send the message that you are productive and forward thinking.

Keep brown out of the courtroom. Some professional environments still favor specific formal attire. Law is one of these realms. The courtroom calls for more traditionally assertive and powerful colors, including dark blue and black. Keep your brown suit for days at your practice.

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