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Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide - The Ultimate Shave!

When most of us shave our face, it’s because we want to get ready for the day. It is known that men have always been overly scholastic about their appearance and although nowadays the experience is more enjoyable by using a razor, throughout time, shaving and beard trimming were part of various rituals, and could connote strength or social status.

Gillette - The Ultimate Shave

In the early years of Egyptian civilization, rich men hired barbers in order to shave them with jewel-encrusted razors every day, while middle class men would frequent the local barber to have their faces shaved daily.

The Ancient Greeks were a people of the beard. For them, a beard was a sign of wisdom. Greek men would only cut their beards using a blade during times of mourning. The Spartans would shave off half of a man’s beard to indicate he had displayed cowardice during battle.

The ancient Romans were a clean-shaven folk. A young man’s first shave was an important event and was ritualized in a complicated religious ceremony. On their birthday, young men would shave their face, while family and friends watched.

In the mid-19th century, men shaved with straight razors that needed sharpening every day using a leather strap. As existing, relatively expensive, razor blades dulled quickly and needed continuous sharpening, a razor whose blade could be thrown away when it dulled would meet a real need and likely be profitable.

In the late 19th century everything changed! A man named King C. Gillette came up with a fantastic idea that changed the world! He decided to bring the barber’s chair into the bathroom and discover a more affordable way for men to get a close and comfortable shave.

So, in 1901 he worked this out! King Gillette created his first safety razor blade specifically to bring the qualities of the barber’s shave into the home. And while he endeavored to keep improving his designs until no further improvement was possible, the evolution of men’s razors has outlived King Gillette and is still continued by the company that bears his name.

Since then, the history of shaving has grown alongside the evolution of the men’s razor. The shape of the cartridge and the number of blades have changed over time, and a pivot has been introduced between the blades and handle—such as on the Fusion5™ ProGlide with FlexBall Technology — to better simulate the pivot of a barber’s wrist and allow better interaction between the razor and skin.

What is FlexBall Technology?

In 1977, Gillette introduced its first centre-pivoting razor, with the Gillette Countour and Gillette Atra razors. In 1998, with the debut of the Gillette MACH3, the company moved the pivot from the centre to the front, shifting the load from the hand away from the blades for a more comfortable, close shave.

But the cartridge movement was still restricted to up and down.

Finally, Gillette found the solution to this challenge: creating a new dimension in cartridge movement.

They called it Flexball, and this innovation is found on Fusion5™ ProGlide and Fusion5 ProShield razors.

Flexball technology is the revolutionary pivot between the handle of the razor and the blade cartridge. Mobile, like the wrist, the Flexball pivot responds to the contours of the face, allowing the cartridge to stay in great contact with the skin throughout the shave.

The flexball technology and the lubrastrip are the major reasons I have switched to ProGlide.

Fusion 5 ProGlide is the latest addition in the Fusion series. In this model Gillette has improved the lubrastrip and precession trimmer. The head is flexible and adjustable to the contours of the face.

The 5 blades design makes Fusion 5 ProGlide sharp and fast and it cleans everything wherever it goes. The lubrastrip has a bit of mineral oil to make the shave smoother that's why the best solution is for the people with sensitive skins. The improved precision trimmer is a fantastic addition because you can shape the edges of the bead and to shape your sideburns.

As for the five-blade design, cleaning is very easy. Just put it under the water and all the hair and debris will be removed at once.

Gillette Fusion5™ ProGlide - The Ultimate Shave!

Gillette offers you the opportunity to subscribe on their plan and get your Fusion 5 Starter Kit at the price of 4.95 instead of 13.37! Furthermore, £11.79 each time your subscription refill blades are shipped. Every fourth refill free. Delay or cancel at any time. Your first refill blades will be shipped in 15 days & then at your chosen frequency. Click here to sign up:

Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide razor for men features 5 anti-friction blades for a shave you barely feel. With FlexBall technology, ProGlide responds to contours and gets virtually every hair. The Precision Trimmer on the back is great for hard-to-reach areas such as under the nose and sideburns. One men’s razor blade refill equals up to one month of shaves. Fusion5 ProGlide men's razor fits all Fusion5 blade refills. Gillette razors, formerly called Fusion ProGlide.

  • Men's razor with FlexBall technology that responds to contours and gets virtually every hair

  • Gillette razors for men with 5 Anti-Friction Blades; a shave you barely feel

  • Precision Trimmer on back, great for edging tough areas (nose and sideburns)

  • Enhanced Lubrastrip with more lubricants (vs. Fusion5)

  • 1 razor blade refill equals up to one month of shaves

  • Fits all Fusion5 and Fusion5 Power blade refills

Gillette is not just a brand of safety razors and other personal care products. It also has a rich sports heritage that provides natural synergies with its reputation as a performance brand. Sports marketing plays an important role for the Gillette brand, helping the brand to tap into a key passion for men and strengthening our connection with consumers.

Through the years, Gillette has had partnerships with many sportsmen, including world-class athletes. Gillette’s enduring association with sports goes as far back as the early 1900s. Gillette had the vision to see the value in connecting the brand with top-tier sports and athletes. In 1910, Gillette produced a print ad with images of baseball greats such as Pittsburgh Pirates’ infielder, Honus Wagner, in ads for the original Gillette Safety Razor.


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