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Alex Simone Presents New Creations

Alex Simone presented three new perfumes at Esxence 2019 in Milano. In the French Riviera collection, Alex Simone explores the idyllic moments in a perfect day. The perfumes Absolus are intense, precious extensions of this ideal. Three new creations which refocus the original compositions on their heart notes.

Alex Simone Presents New Creations

Villa Simone

The sumptuous, exuberant flowers of jasmine sublimate the garden of a villa on Cape Martin. Shrouded in golden light, the immaculate flowers give off their nectar. Suave and blooming, the intoxicating opulence mixes with soaring citrus freshness of lemon tree leaves, mandarin and bergamot.

A radiant floral bouquet, enriched with the powerful accents of clary sage, coriander and patchouli, create a perfect memory of the garden.

Alex Simone Presents New Creations

TLMB at Esxcence 2019 in Milano

Tellement Bleu

In the heights of Monaco, the roads wind their way to the sea through Mediterranean shrubs burned under the incandescent sun. The honeyed blossoms of orange trees in bloom mingle with the aromatic scents exhaled by the bushes, between the green bite of galbanum and spicy vivacity of pink pepper, coriander, juniper and cardamon.

The refined depth of iris butter, patchouli and gaiac wood help to capture nature in its rawest form.

En Terrasse

In the shade of pine trees overlooking the sea, the scent of overripe citrus fruits tumbled from tree to rocky clifftops intensifies in the growing heat. The resinous note of cypriol blends with the depth of agarwood and the woody strength of cedar and patchouli. This intensity is softened by the creamy, round warmth of sandalwood.

A vibrant fusion with mysterious charm...

Alex Simone Presents New Creations

*Images Exclusively taken for The London Man Blog


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