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Goldfield & Banks: Luxury Perfumes for the Curious Explorer

A good perfume does something very special: It provides an instant confidence boost when you spray your wrists and neck. But finding your signature perfume can prove somewhat demanding with so many floral, citrus or even woodsy notes to choose from.

Goldfield & Banks: Luxury Perfumes for the Curious Explorer

If you're looking for inspiration for your next perfume then why not take a look at Goldfield & Banks Australia's luxury perfumes for men and women?

SOUTHERN BLOOM (Origin: Bruny Island, Tasmania)

Southern Bloom honours the rare and enchanting native scented flower, the Boronia during its short September ‘spring-bloom’, on Australia’s southernmost island, Bruny off the coast of Tasmania.

The absolute of boronia is distinctive and one of the most expensive perfume materials in the world.

An immediately lavish, pure and sensational floral-woody fragrance, with a smooth, velvety sensation and glimpses of exquisite green notes. Opulent, sophisticated and luxurious...


BLUE CYPRESS (Origin: Kakadu, Northern Territory)

A sophisticated fragrance of rich woods and exotic spices that is at once invigorating and grounding. The cobalt coloured Australian Blue Cypress provides a fragrant woody base, lifted by a fusion of lively lavender and exotic patchouli, clove and star anise.

A fragrance for men and women, inspired by the scent of dew evaporating from soft new leaves as the morning sun casts its rays across a rainbow of towering gums and eucalyptus.


WHITE SANDALWOOD (Origin: Kununurra, Western Australia)

A sophisticated scent that is at once both exotic and richly enveloping. White sandalwood and amber provide a comforting base, while saffron, pepper and thyme cast an exotic heat, tempered by a heart of sweet Turkish rose.

A fragrance for men and women, evoking dry, flat dirt that glows a deep fiery orange against a pure cobalt sky.


PACIFIC ROCK MOSS (Origin: South Coast, New South Wales)

A fresh perfume inspired by the southern coastline of New South Wales. Cedar wood gives this fragrance a sturdy base on which to reveal a fresh, sea spray scent that speaks of summer days diving into an azure sea.

A fragrance for men and women, inspired by waves crashing upon sun-kissed rocks and long days that turn into warm, summer nights.


DESERT ROSEWOOD (Origin: Central Highlands, Victoria)

Desert Rosewood presents a rich, leathery fragrance that evokes the thick, arid forests of the Victorian Central Highlands. A heady rush of resinous Australian Desert Rosewood reveals a sweetness of mandarin and vanilla, before finally settling into an exotic blend of wood and spice.

A fragrance for men and women, it speaks of adventures through thick forests where ancient trees and fresh young ferns provide a mingling of old and new, rich and herbaceous.


WOOD INFUSION (Origin: Fraser Island, Queensland)

Wood infusion is our favorite! It is a scent that brings to life the massive eucalyptus trees of the Australian woodlands. If you have smelled an actual tree during the dry summer months, peeling bark and windswept leaves, well this is the exact scent bottled.

The sweet mandarin orange and lavender add an extra aromatic dimension to it , iris gives it a thicker, almost buttery feel while agarwood enhaces the woody part of the tree and musk rounds the composition.

A luxe oriental scent surrounded by an elixir of rich woods, buttery roots and aromatic notes. Inspired by the lush nature of the balmy heritage listed Fraser Island in the Pacific Ocean, Wood Infusion is a celebration of all wood species found around the island.

This fragrance is an exotic infusion of Australian woods enriched with Sandalwood Album, Iris and velvety Agarwood. This unique combination offers men and women a sensation of a creamy, rich scent crafted from nature’s most noble botanicals.



The GOLDFIELD & BANKS AUSTRALIA story actually begins on the other side of the world when Dimitri Weber – like so many voyagers before him – set out on a journey to discover the curious, enigmatic land that lay far beyond the horizon. Falling in love with Australia’s dramatic, contrasting landscapes, Dimitri set out to capture this extraordinary beauty and share it with the world.

That sense of discovery is the essence of GOLDFIELD & BANKS AUSTRALIA. Their luxury perfume celebrates the unrelenting spirit of Australia, from the pristine beaches of the southern coastline to the endless red dirt plains of the desert heartland.

They have gathered the finest ingredients from across the globe and brought them together with pure, natural essences drawn from the diverse and unique seeds, wood, flowers, lichen, resins, leaves and fruits of the Australian terrain.

Their perfumes are created in Australia, ensuring they maintain the highest levels of quality. Each one is meticulously crafted in consultation with a Melbourne-based, 5th-generation French perfumer from Grasse.

The result is a modern yet timeless range of luxury Australian perfume suitable for men and women!


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