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Begim: Luxury Fragrances for Men

What do you really expect from a men’s perfume? The answer is simple: It must have the stylishness and class to define the masculinity of the bearer of that particular perfume. And this is where Begim's perfumes make everyone take notice of them. One of the most vital things which makes their perfumes stand apart is that Begim has fragrances for each and every occasion and mood as well.

The Begim company was established in 1990, and since its founding, it makes every effort to represent the world famous brands of high-end perfumery, cosmetics and face and body care products brands on the Uzbek market.

All professional activities of the company are devoted to the slogan “Love, Kindness - Culture - Beauty”. The company's philosophy is simple, they believe in their motto: “Growing together”.

Guided by a customer-oriented approach, they make every possible effort to select the most advanced and popular best-selling perfume and cosmetic products in the world, with the provision of services of international standard.

Their fragrances are for lovers of a luxurious perfume and for those who appreciate the history of world culture. You can find the Perfumes in Paris, London, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and, of course, in Uzbekistan.


Samarkand Spirit for Man is full of contrasts and is able to tell a lot more about a man. He is always on the move to unknown spaces and new achievements, he is not afraid of change. Courageous and immaculate, emotionally rich, created for a determined man with a unique bright style, built on charisma, romance, hardness and sensuality.

Samarkand Spirit for Man is faithful to the traditions with his whole heart, but enjoys the present and expresses his emotions freely and vividly. Impeccable, pure woody airy aroma, opens with fresh notes of bergamot and citrus, raises to the clouds, gives lightness and energy. Samarkand Spirit for Man, gently and unobtrusively soothes with hints of a living flower of the forest violet in the “heart”, natural aphrodisiacs give a man a feeling of peace and romance.


Ruby of Temur for Man perfume is a scent of mystical highlands and oriental luxury. Intense and unpredictable fragrance for a strong, resolute and courageous man. The magical and mysterious Ruby of Temur for Man is addressed to a real man who is confident in himself and in his uniqueness - Mystery, Passion and Power are combined in him. Like a precious ruby, this fragrance carries the Magic of Power and Majesty. Natural aphrodisiacs that are part of the fragrance are carried away to the world of fantasy, sensuality and dreams ... This fragrance is full of temptation and charm.

The magic of aroma, like a fresh cyclone, reveals a combination of galbanum and violet leaves. In the heart is accompanied by a combination of tobacco, interlaced with notes of aromatic coffee and dried fruit. And the main advantage of the fragrance - Nobility and Aristocraticism - emphasizes precious benzoin in harmony with incense and with a well-distinguished oud, to which is added magic sandalwood and multilayered cypress.


For a man Kohi Nur Diamond there is no boundaries or time. Restrained and sparkling, laconic and promising aroma, like a mysterious message from the past to a modern successful man who conquers the world every day ... This is a symphonic poem intended for a man who with dignity realizes his strength and magic of attractiveness ... and sun chord. The heart of the composition is jasmine, fragrant rose and violet flower with warm notes of vanilla, patchouli, deep vetiver and oriental musk.


Bukhara Spirit is a rich and sensual aroma for an imperious, confident, ambitious, successful man, expresses exceptional masculinity, fortitude and wisdom of time. The woody, floral-citrus scent opens with a cool combination of bergamot, lemon, sweet pineapple and noble intoxicating sage. In the heart of the fragrance is an amazing warm combination of violet and lily of the valley, giving the fragrance clarity, confidence and tranquility.

The fragrance ends with a courageous accent of rich woody notes of strict cedar, oak moss in combination with magical, spirit-healing tonka bean and natural aphrodisiacs, embodying the aroma of hypnotic eroticism and bringing power, strength and protection from diseases.


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