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Emmanuel Levain - Parfums D'Exception

His simplicity, humility, gentleness, ethics and passion are evident from the first contact. These characteristics typically help him to create the amazing fragrances you all know. Emmanuel Levain is not just a simple perfumer. He is a restless innovator inspired by his imagination and always turns simplicity to creativity.

Emmanuel Levain - Parfums D'Exception

Maison Emmanuel Levain was born in Geneva from the encounter between the imagination of a man who is exceptional, rare creations and the expertise of extraordinary perfumers. With audacity and elegance, Emmanuel Levain interprets the best of nature and the olfactory memory of each in a selection of unique, haunting, unusual fragrances.

The perfumes, scented candles or interior perfumes thus created compose an intimate harmony between the environment and oneself to offer well-being and serenity. Conceived as real encounters, the creations signed Emmanuel Levain are an artistic experience, an invitation to well-being and sensuality.

We'll begin the presentation of Emmanuel's creations, according to our preferences:


The scent that fascinates us the most! Attracted by the woody fragrance, Emmanuel Levain mixed scents of amber, patchouli muscet with juniper, sandalwood and clove to bring elegance and relaxation to this juice.

Top notes: Lemon, Clove, Juniper Heart notes: Amber, Iris, Cedar wood, Magnolia

Base notes: Amber, Patchouli, Sandalwood, White musk

Emmanuel Levain - Parfums D'Exception


Passionate about beautiful materials, Emmanuel Levain has created a Eau de Parfum where odors are relentlessly delivered according to the frankness of their aromas and formulated for our minds with a clarity leaving room for imagination.

Top notes: Bergamot, Peach Heart note: Neroli, Osmanthus, Iris, Leather, Amber Base note: Cedarwood, Incense, Patchouli, Sandalwood

Emmanuel Levain - Parfums D'Exception


An unforgettable trip to the sweet kiss of an Oud. When the profusion of intoxicating perfumes and the shimmering colors of the Orient meet the sweet vanilla and neroli flowers, a luminous and rich fragrance with contrasting accords is born. Just Oud is a beautiful oriental woody fragrance where the sublimated rose gives us all its richness.

Top note: Saffron, Orange blossom Heart note: Rose, Neroli, Oud, vanilla blossom Base note: Sandalwood, White Musk, Patchouli, Cedarwood

Emmanuel Levain - Parfums D'Exception


In spring, iris pallida grows on hillsides, on the sunny and steep terraces of Tuscany. The fields of the Arno valley are covered with the pale blue hue of the most prestigious iris whose rhizome gives us its most beautiful violet scents. Tender Pallida is an elegant and sophisticated fragrance with many facets.

Top Notes: Mandarin, Rose Leaves Heart notes: Rose, Iris, Violet, Heliotrope Flower Base Note: Amber, Cedar-wood, Sandalwood, White Musk

Emmanuel Levain - Parfums D'Exception


Get lost in the sunny gardens of Cap Ferrat. Meet the Datura at random, a powerful and mysterious flower with dark and magical virtues. The intoxicating smell gives us all its treasures, like a thunderbolt, a mystical force. Territory of a new addiction, Mystic Datura is a luminous and solar scent with powdery and floral notes.

Top Notes: Peach, Orange Blossom, Jasmine of Aude Heart Notes: Datura, Heliotrope Flower, White Flowers, Vanilla Blossom, Amber Base Notes: Cedar, Patchouli, White Musk, Sandalwood

Emmanuel Levain - Parfums D'Exception


It is on the occasion of a culinary meeting that this beautiful perfume is born. Emmanuel Levain meets a great cook in Paris and tasting a sumptuous crème brulée, the idea of a gourmet perfume is born naturally. The recipe made with tonka bean, vanilla and amber accords, refreshed with fresh notes will seduce you with its originality.

Top note: Lily of the valley, fresh notes Heart note: Vanilla, Amber, Jasmine Base note: White Musk, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean

Emmanuel Levain - Parfums D'Exception


The latest Creation by Emmanuel Levain! It is a woody chypre fragrance for both men and women. The fragrance features vetiver - that makes Vetiver Forever more lasting -, bergamot, Hédione and citrus leaves.

Emmanuel Levain - Parfums D'Exception


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