Esxence 2019 - Milan Fragrance Week

The London Man Blog attended the International Artistic Perfumery Event in Milan and met some of the best perfumers and brands in the world. We had the opportunity to get to know the real protagonists of a fascinating world of fragrances, where history and tradition are combined with innovation and research.

Four days of exhibition area of ​​excellence together with a rich and interesting calendar of meetings and appointments offered the public - arrived in the last edition of over 7,000 presences - a unique and unmissable experience.


Insiders, exhibitors, retailers, buyers and distributors found the ideal square in the exhibition area of ​​the highest level to increase their network and conclude business.


The visitors and the general public had the opportunity to get in touch with realities that tell stories too often reserved for the few, as well as being able to participate in workshops and workshops that made the visit unforgettable.


The exhibition area, with selected brands from all over the world, can boast an extremely high quality exhibitor to offer only the best in the sector.



Edition after edition, an expert technical committee selected the participation of international brands and offered a prestigious, interesting and fragrant panorama.


Esxence pursues with determination the goal of giving visibility to excellences that meet quality and coherence requirements, that know how to show great respect for the Art of Perfumery and its creativity.


Furthermore, it is committed to accepting other expressive forms of quality in fields such as Home Fragrance, Toiletry, Cosmetics, Make-Up, which have creative and distributive affinities with the Art Perfumery.


Esxence sets itself the goal of being recognized, over time, as a priority international reference point, for all the brands that, for the quality of their proposals and for their commercial choice, turn to the characteristic distribution of Art Perfumery.


Esxence aims to create a moment of encounter between the producers of Art Perfumery, therefore only the brands' parent companies are authorized to exhibit.


*Images exclusively taken for The London Man Blog


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