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Missoni: Man Winter 19

It is a collection of subtle counterbalances, where Missonified minimalism encounters the frissons of exhilaration that have always encapsulated the diversity of artistic movements over the decades. Angela Missoni continues to explore and draw inspiration from the international art scene; breathing life into singular visual forms that join a multiplicity of artistic techniques, moods and interpretations.

Missoni: Man Winter 19

Ensembles created for the pleasure-seeking jet set, this sartorial collection reconstructs classic pieces with a minimalist sensibility, the Missoni finesse and a dash of effortless cool. Structured silhouettes are narrow and elongated as they softly trace the body.

Missoni: Man Winter 19

A refined colour palette of soft gradients enchants as shades of camel fluidly morph into ochre; crimson red into bright orange; deep wine into electric blue; and ink blue into turquoise.

This season’s foray into evening wear pairs tuxedos in woven or lame flecked loom-knit fabrics with bib-front shirting in lamé that beckon the glamour of the ’70s, while thin plissé knit scarves inject a touch of continental flair.

The offering is further enhanced by smartly tailored pieces such as long blazers and high-waisted, tapered trousers in loom-knit fabrics; dégradé blazers and trousers in compact jacquard-knit fabrics; and belted double-breasted coats and reversible caban coats backed in soft felted wool.

Luxuriously soft knitwear in cashmere, mohair and fleecy wool envelop the body in warmth and form. Chunky bombers with velvet collars; reversible dégradé cardigans and crewnecks; and shawl- collar and roll-neck sweaters become the staples and layering pieces of the chicly informal Missoni man.

Missoni: Man Winter 19

The parallels between Missoni’s heritage and contemporary artist Anton Alvarez—whose creativity reflects a process that oscillates between tradition and innovation—have given rise to a collaborative force this season.

The artist’s eclectic use of color and material inspired the designs of two distinctive cable knits: dégradé sweaters flecked with mohair to create abstract motifs and handmade roll-necks with whirling relief patterns that have been embroidered by hand.

Each unique piece presents a dynamic interplay of pattern and texture, reinterpreting the sinuous whorls and undulations of his sculptural forms.

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