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Brendan Cole Presents ‘Show Man’

"If you love live music from one of the best touring bands you will ever see, as well as exciting and emotive dance and fancy a great night at the theatre, this show will be for you …" ‘This is going to be The Greatest 'Show Man’!’ - See what Brendan did there!

Brendan Cole Presents ‘Show Man’

Brendan Cole is about to embark on his most theatrical live tour production yet. Show Man takes its inspiration from the magic of theatre and the movies and Brendan is keen for every single person who comes to the show to experience the most exceptional night of entertainment.

He has created a show which has something for everyone. There will be amazing talent on stage - including many of the Strictly dance styles which people love – along with live music, choreography full of excitement, intimacy, emotion & skill. There will be a lot of laughter and chat throughout the show - Brendan and his audience will have a ball…

Brendan Cole’s performances sell tickets by the bucket load ! The feedback from fans, theatres and halls say that a Brendan Cole Show is the yardstick by which other Strictly associated shows are measured.

These are no ‘sit back and watch’ productions … each show is full on high energy dance dynamite, up close and personal, with scintillating guest dancers, and a scorching eight piece band and singers, superb choreography, stunning lighting and amazing special effects.

The audience get to see every style of ballroom and Latin dance from Brendan and his hand-picked championship dancers (each new production features a different cast), performed to the music and songs of some of the greatest legends and contemporary artistes.


Brendan has presented ten hugely successful concert tours to date: Live & Unjudged (2010/2011 x 2/2012), Licence to Thrill (2013 & 2014), A Night To Remember (2015/2016) and All Night Long (2017/2018)

Show Man is Brendan's fifth theatrical production and will see him tour the UK for the eleventh time.

Show Man will see upwards of 20 people in trucks and buses visit 31 towns and cities across the UK and Ireland.

Each tour plays to ever increasing audiences, around 60,000 in total are expected in 2019.


I’m very excited to announce that my latest production - Brendan Cole - Show Man - will be coming to a theatre near you in early 2019. Anytime I create a new production, I get a real sense of excitement as I start choosing the material, the dancers and the musicians involved, and Show Man feels more exciting than anything I’ve done before.

It has a dynamic new feel and will be quite different to my previous four productions. This new show is more theatrical than ever before. Five male dancers, three female dancers, choirs, a violinist and brand new staging which will allow the choreography to be exciting and different. Bigger and better lifts, some very strong theatrical numbers as well as a new look set, this promises to be something special.

When producing any show, my aim is to wow the audience and give them everything they’d expect and much, much more. Whether it be great production values, exciting choreography, spectacular lighting and of course amazing talent from my sensational dancers and musicians, it’s so important to me to create a complete show.

Over the last ten years we’ve created certain numbers throughout the different productions that have really stood out and we’ve loved performing. Subsequently we have had many requests from audiences asking that we perform them again. With this in mind, I’ve decided to recreate a handful of them for the new show.

One in particular has been a personal favourite for me, ‘Cinderella’ by Stephen Curtis Chapman. It’s a magical number, telling the story of a father and daughter, which I created with my baby girl Aurélia in mind shortly after her birth. I can’t wait to perform it again along with several other favourites as well as many very exciting and brand new numbers, all under the Show Man title. This really is becoming a very big show and I can’t wait to get it on the road.

So if you love live music from one of the best touring bands you will ever see, as well as exciting and emotive dance and fancy a great night at the theatre, this show will be for you! I’d suggest you bring a friend as you’ll want to be dancing in the aisles throughout and if you know any Strictly fans, it might just make the perfect gift!

This is going to be The Greatest 'Show Man’!!


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