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Get Your Knitwear Right This Winter

If you can get your Winter wardrobe right, there’s no reason to begrudge the cold weather. Knitwear is a staple of Winter fashion for men and women alike, and it’s all about finding that stylish yet elegant look. Take a look at the guide below to getting knitwear right this season.

Get Your Knitwear Right This Winter
Get Your Knitwear Right This Winter

There’s no reason to neglect your natural stylistic instincts in the Winter months; by selecting clothing that melds the practical with the sophisticated, you can be your suave and elegant self all year-round.

At John Smedley they pride themselves on delivering the World’s Finest Knitwear. It’s something they have been doing since they were established in 1784 and are continually passionate about.

When it comes to finding ideal knitwear, they’ve worked to cater for different styles and tastes without compromising our high-quality manufacturing processes. In order to help their customers choose their essential pieces for their Winter collection, they’ve put together a guide on how to make the right selections…

The Finest Winter Style

The cornerstone of any strong Winter look is a comfy , cosy knitted pullover or cardigan. These present the optimum opportunity to tackle the elements while also displaying true sartorial style.

The time of year befits deep dark shades – khaki greens, camel browns, bordeaux reds, deep blues and evocative blacks – all heavy knit essential contenders.

The rollneck is a fine option for those looking to meld elegance with comfort during the Wintertime. This style is smart yet easy to wear, and looks great layered with jackets and blazers. Whether worn by men or women, the rollneck highlights the facial features providing a strong distinctive look.

Of course, a Winter jacket is a necessity when the temperature drops. The selection of Men’s jackets combine necessity with design excellence; when the cold days come, be sure to find the right way to stay warm and urbane in equal measure.

Women’s Winter wardrobes should look to balance elegance with practicality. The selection of knitted skirts and dresses are the perfect companion. These are ideal, stylish Winterwear, proving both eye-catching and chic.

All The Trimmings

No Winter wardrobe is complete without a selection of fashionable knitted accessories. It’s easy to underestimate the important role such items can play in your overall look. Getting the right accessories, such as hats,scarves and gloves, is essential.

For both men and women they have hats in a vast spectrum of shades; when partnered with their matching scarves and gloves these create a complete Winter style.

Once out of the cold, picking out some luxurious loungewear is also a great idea throughout the Winter months, and don’t forget to add a pop of colour with the fine selection of John Smedley Sea Island Cotton or Merino Wool socks.

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