Max Mara: Resort 2019 Collection

The Max Mara Resort 2019 collection is an authentic visionary voyage through the historic Collezione Maramotti and the Italian avant-garde artists it represents; Burri, Fontana, Manzoni, Novelli, Twombly, Kounellis, Pascali, Calzolari, Anselmo. A vivid exploration of a modern ideal, made of destructured pureness and tactile quality.

Inspired by the powerful and poetic essence of their art pieces, the primordial-toned and intense springtime-touched palette marvellously matches Max Mara’s sophisticatedly balanced mood. Capturing the expression of the individual works texture-rich territories reveal potent patchworks, plissés, knots and plaits, as calligraphed surfaces revel sinuously, creating perfect prêt-à-porter art.

View the collection here:


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