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Valentino Pre Fall 2019

Intermissions allow meanings and possibilities to expand. The space between things is a place for pondering and inventing. A syllable captures this suspended idea of construction: Ma. Ma as an expansive and meaningful void.

Valentino Pre Fall 2019

Two ideas of beauty are compared: one strives for balance, symmetry, harmony; the other is asymmetrical, and favors what is impermanent. A dialogue between perfection and imperfection, permanence and caducity. Distant elements meet and merge in the interval that separates them, showing the gesture of clashing opposites instead of hiding it. The non perfect as the language of ever-evolving beauty. Time as a tangible quality, as intrinsic value, as a sign that affects surfaces and ignites feelings.

The iconography of the Maison - the ruffles, the lace, the grace, and then the flowers, the colors, the motifs - is interpreted in a wabi sabi key. Volumes are purified, ruffles are crushed, pleats are misaligned. Black and red are splashed onto prints, the V logo marks allover. Familiar signs are transposed and seen anew. Change is in the point of view: a quest for imperfect perfection. The code becomes inclusive, keeping the street as the horizon.

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