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How to Wear a Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are a classic wardrobe staple because they never go out of style, but they come in so many variations, making it hard to figure out how to make one work for you. Denim jackets are the best because you can wear them with literally anything. They usually lend a casual vibe to any outfit, but they can also be dressed up a little bit. Here are some style tips on how to wear a denim jacket that you’ll love!

How to Wear a Denim Jacket
How to Wear a Denim Jacket

1. The “blue jean” look is a classic favorite because of its versatility. In fashion, blue jean has come to be considered a neutral, so it’s easy to pair with other, more eye-grabbing items in your closet.

2. Blue isn’t your only option! These colors range from forest green to bright orange. Since colored denim tends to be more attention-grabbing, it’s better to balance it out with neutral, more muted pieces.

3. If you’re looking for a blue jacket, the wash of denim is basically the shade of blue that you want. There are three main washes: dark, medium, and light.

4. Dark wash jean jackets can be easier to pair with more formal tops and accessories.

5. Men can wear a longer-cut jacket, if desired, but too much length can make the jacket look oversized.

6. A jean jacket can work with blue jeans, but you need to balance the washes carefully. When wearing a jean jacket with blue jeans, make sure that the washes are different.

7. Layering is a great way to add texture and visual interest. Moreover, wearing multiple layers on top can reduce the monotony created when wearing a jean jacket with a pair of blue jeans.

8. If you want a semi-professional look suitable for "casual Fridays," you can replace your usual blazer with a classic, dark wash jean jacket. Wear this look with a collared, button-down shirt and tie like you would usually wear beneath your blazer.

9. For an easy casual look, pair your jean jacket with a clean sweater or t-shirt. A cotton sweatshirt or sweater can be great for the winter months, but a cotton t-shirt can look smart, casual, and classic when it’s warmer out.

10. Layer a button-down plaid shirt beneath a denim jacket. Leave the buttons open and wear a striped cotton t-shirt beneath the plaid. This creates a more contemporary look.

*Cover Image: Pavel Danilyuk/Pexels

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