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How to Apply Face Powder Correctly

Although a variety of different makeups come in powdered form, many people aren't sure how to use powder makeup properly, especially when it comes to powder foundation and loose eye-shadow. While powders may seem difficult to work with when you're used to creams, they are actually very simple to apply.

How to Apply Face Powder Correctly
How to Apply Face Powder Correctly

Pick the right powder foundation The point here is to match the skin tone of your face as closely as possible. Powder foundations generally work best with oily skin but there are now hydrating powder foundations on the market. If you're having trouble picking the right shade, try asking a beautician.

Apply a makeup primer Paint a thin layer of primer across your face using your fingertips. Primer will give you a smooth canvas to work on and will help powder makeup adhere for longer.

Load the powder onto a brush If you are using pressed powder from a compact, gently press the tip of the brush into the powder and gently move it back and forth. For loose powder, start by tapping a small amount of your powder out onto the lid of its bottle. Dab your brush into the powder and tap it to remove any excess

Dust a light layer of foundation all over your face Use a rounded foundation brush for best results. Make sure the layer is evenly applied across your face. Use long, light strokes to apply.

Add more foundation to problem areas Look for any blemishes that are not totally concealed by the light layer of foundation. For these areas, load the powder onto the side of your brush. Roll the loaded brush directly onto these spots, pressing down slightly into your skin.

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