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Gainsborough's Family Album

Featuring over fifty works from public and private collections across the world, Gainsborough’s Family Album will provide a unique insight into the private life and motivations of Thomas Gainsborough (1727–88), one of Britain’s greatest artists.

Gainsborough's Family Album

The exhibition includes a number of works that have never been on public display in the UK and will bring together for the first time all twelve surviving portraits of Thomas Gainsborough’s daughters.

Gainsborough’s Family Album charts Gainsborough’s career from youth to maturity, telling the story of an eighteenth-century provincial artist’s rise to metropolitan fame and fortune. The exhibition will both offer a new perspective on Gainsborough the portraitist and challenge our thinking about his era and its relationship to our own.

22 November 2018 - 3 February 2019

Wolfson Gallery

Tickets with donation: £14.50 - £16.00 Tickets without donation: £12.50 - £14.00 Members Free

Image: The Painter's Daughters Chasing a Butterfly by Thomas Gainsborough, c.1756. The National Gallery, London. Henry Vaughan Bequest, 1900


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