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Watcho - Pocket Watch Buying Guide

Pocket watches were the most common form of watch in the world, from when they were first introduced in the 16th Century right up until just after WW1 when wrist watches became the new equivalent. However, many people today still enjoy buying and collecting these little pockets of history and so there are still several kinds sold today.

Pocket Watch Buying Guide

When looking to buy a pocket watch there are two important decisions to make: The look and the mechanism. Buying a pocket watch can be just as difficult choice wise as buying an ordinary wrist watch but is guaranteed to look good no matter what. Whether you want the antique look, the personalised look or just a simple look there is a style to suit everyone.

Let’s start with the simplistic look. This is perfect for any occasion, whether the watch is intended for use in everyday life, or whether it is only brought out for special occasions. This particular style of pocket watch has no case, meaning the face is always clearly visible- a handy feature if you’re in a hurry.

If you are looking for that special birthday gift or just a gift for someone special in general, you could look at an engraved pocket watch. The best for this would be the full hunter or double hunter whose features include a solid outer case concealing the watch face until opened. This makes the watch ideal for a special gift as it gives you your very own blank canvas to work with and make your own. The double hunter has one extra feature – a second opening of the casing at the back to allow viewing of the mechanism as well as enabling the watch to stand on its own, a feature that could easily be used for display purposes.

However, if you’re after a watch to compliment your own outfit for a big event, something a little more decorated might be required. Maybe that suit for the wedding just needs a little more of the wow factor… In this case a half hunter would be perfect for you. This watch is again similar to the full hunter but on the case has a crystal that allows the time to be seen without opening the watch.

As a result of this the casing is often more intricately detailed. Depending on the depth of detail that you are after is the ultimate decider as to whether you would prefer the half hunter or the double half hunter. This particular design is rather spectacular as the flawlessly intricate design occurs on both the front and the back, with a second crystal allowing the mechanism to be displayed again without having to open the entire back.

The other important decision is whether you want a mechanical or a quartz pocket watch. Quartz watches are much more practical when the intention is to use the watch on a daily basis. They have a battery life of two years (approx.) and are available in all of the variations of pocket watch mentioned above. However, it is advised that if the visibility of the mechanism is something that attracts you to this particular style of watch, then it is better to look at the mechanical range as mechanisms in quartz watches are far less intricate.

Mechanical pocket watches have an antique look and feel and make a perfectly unique gift for someone special. These are more commonly referred to as wind up watches because of their classic appearance with the winder attached to the stem. To operate this watch, it must be wound until tight without over winding as this can damage the mechanism.

*Image CC0 Creative Commons by Pixabay


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