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The Sun: Living With Our Star

Spectacular interactive experiences, unique artefacts and stunning imagery shed fresh light on humanity's relationship with our closest star in the Science Museum's latest exhibition. Set at the centre of our solar system, the Sun's brilliant light shapes our sense of time, our health and our environment.

The Sun: Living With Our Star

People have tried to harness its power and uncover its secrets since the dawn of civilisation. From golden solar religious artefacts from the Nordic Bronze Age (dating back to 1400 BC), to details of upcoming NASA and ESA solar missions, The Sun: Living With Our Star tells the story of humankind’s dependence on, and ever changing understanding of, our star.

Featuring breathtaking visuals and interactive experiences, visitors to our latest blockbuster exhibition can bask in sunlight on our indoor beach, virtually try on a range of historic sunglasses in a digital mirror and see the Sun rise in different seasons and locations around the world on a huge illuminated wall display.

DATE: 6 October 2018 – 6 May 2019

PRICE: Prices start from £15

LOCATION: Level 1, Special Exhibition Gallery 1

Image: Solar Collector 1879, Teyler's Museum, NL


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