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BARBOUR Tartan Collection

This is a smart and sophisticated collection that will really stand out this autumn winter. Their Scottish heritage has always been synonymous with Barbour, and their Tartans have been a cornerstone of the Barbour brand since the company was founded in 1894.

BARBOUR Tartan Collection

This season, they decided to give a modern twist in a contemporary collection that’s all about colour.

Split into three different colours for the season, find the new Black Tartan, which takes a smart monochrome palette in black graphite and light grey. The focus colour for jackets is black with Black Shadow, a black and grey large-scale tartan lining based on the sett of the Ayrshire District tartan, the tartan of the Barbour family.

Merlot tartan is introduced as a warm and rich red-based tartan, which is contrasted with navy. Find smart tartan detailing in a mix of classic and contemporary styles.

The rich greens and reds of their Classic Tartan, first introduced in 1998, come together for a fresh, clean look that harks back to our Scottish heritage.

In celebration of this season’s collection, they have partnered with their Director of Menswear, Ian Bergin, to style the collection three different ways with his favourite pieces from the coloured tartans of the season.

View the collection here:


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