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Atalanta Motors: A Modern British Classic

Named after the beautiful Arcadian huntress and much revered Olympian of Greek Mythology (“Atalanta” derived from the Greek word atalantos meaning “equal in weight” or “un-swaying”), the new motorcars effortlessly personified Atalanta’s tenacious qualities of speed and beauty.

Atalanta Motors

A thoroughbred amongst its more conservative sports car contemporaries, Atalanta’s advanced design, exceptional performance, handling and riding comfort quickly established a reputation for exciting sporting cars of quality and style.

Established in the 1930’s Atalanta naturally captured the charisma and style of the Art Deco era and at a time when significant advancements were being made in the field of aeronautic and automotive design.

Each car is built to order. Traditionally hand crafted from scratch, with automotive advancements discretely packaged within the elegant lines of the original 1930’s design. The New Atalanta is neither a recreation nor a facsimile of any other motor car from a bygone era.

It is the perpetuation of an original exquisitely crafted sports car, that provides prospective owners with an authentic opportunity to demonstrate truly individual style and good taste. Responsive performance and a comfortable ride, coupled with engaging yet benign handling, delivers an exhilarating drive even at modest speeds.

Remaining true to the original design and hand crafted ethos, all round performance is assured through employing modern materials and technology only where appropriate. As a result, todays Atalanta enhances the positive and more enjoyable characteristics of vintage motoring whilst providing the much improved performance, reliability and safety so relevant to today’s driving environment.

As befitting a traditional coach built car, their clients are engaged in the creative process, defining their Atalanta’s style and final appearance. Infinite possibilities are available from specification of any paint and trim combination, to influencing the more subtle and individual points of finish and fine detailing.

Not just an individual statement, at its core the new Atalanta will always be an authentic and impeccably British sports car rarity.


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