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Calvin Klein Spring 2019

A tension between different worlds, different environments. Youth and maturity, female and male, hardship and privilege, rebellion and conservatism. Two iconic American movies, 'JAWS' (1975) and 'The Graduate' (1967) inspire concept and aesthetic.

Calvin Klein Spring 2019

Both represent transgression, the idea of the predator, a fundamental questioning of authority. A rebellion that is quintessentially American.

"The landscape of America—literal, and psychological—inspires Calvin Klein. A journey through America leads, inevitably, to the edge of the landscape: the beach. At the beach there is this incredible idea of beauty, but also a tension—between land and ocean, a feeling of two worlds meeting, maybe colliding. There's a sense of the unexpected—and always, a temptation.

Calvin Klein Spring 2019

For me, 'JAWS' perfectly exemplifies these notions. I've always been fascinated by the dress codes of different generations—of mothers and daughters, fathers and sons; how the changes between different generations of families reflect the changes of American society. I love the movie 'The Graduate' and the different family dynamics at play. Like the film, this collection explores taboos and temptations, shifts in culture and community, but ultimately, the overarching theme is love." —Raf Simons, Chief Creative Officer, CALVIN KLEIN

Calvin Klein Spring 2019 2

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