BOSS The Scent Private Accord for Him

Boss The Scent Private Accord reveals another exclusive seduction from Hugo Boss's latest Boss The Scent fragrance collection. Boss The Scent Private Accord fragrance tempts you to reveal your secret desires bringing unique taste to new levels of sensation.In a brilliance of perfume impressions the classic Hugo Boss masculine Boss The Scent first made its appearance in 2015 and soon after was matched with a female edition Boss The Scent for her.

The range has expanded with other seasonal launches including Boss The Scent Intense and Boss The Scent Parfum Edition diversifying the pallet of options to dive your senses into.


Cocoa Absolute: Deep and mysterious, the base of cocoa absolute intrigues with its lingering and addictive scent.

Maninka and mocha: Known for its aphrodisiac properties, the heart of maninka fruit is fused with mocha for a new sophisticated allure.

Ginger: Spicy ginger makes an intruiging top note and, thanks to its stimulating powers, guarantees a captivating and confident first impression.

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