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Explore the New Camaro

For the sixth time in history, a unique formula of performance technology, meticulous design and engineering mastery have evolved the Camaro's already proven DNA. The result? A truly modern force to be reckoned with. With two blockbuster powertrain options, an array of available connective technologies and a strong yet sophisticated design, the Chevrolet Camaro stands out in every way imaginable.


The only feature to be carried over to the sixth-generation Camaro from previous generations is the badge! 90kg lighter and more aerodynamic than its predecessor, the sixth generation features many performance-enhancing technologies like Magnetic Ride ControlTM as well as two blockbuster powertrain options.

A unique formula of performance technology and sophisticated design have evolved the Camaro's already proven DNA into a modern iconic sports car. Meet the leaner, faster, smarter and more ferocious sixth-generation Camaro.

Designers were challenged to sculpt a modern Camaro body around a smaller, lighter architecture, while respecting the predecessor’s design. This allowed for a smaller, wider, more athletic Camaro shape - and 90 kg less weight. In a sports car, these tighter proportions translate into more responsive braking, better attack in and out of corners, and noticeably nimbler performance. Tighter proportions also let the aggressive body features like the fastback profile and rear quarter panels to become more pronounced, creating a road presence that’s hard to ignore.

The evidence of hours of extensive wind tunnel testing can be found chiselled across the redesigned Camaro sports car. From the wider opening and precise draft angle of the grille, to the roof’s striking “Reverse Mohawk” channel, to the lift-reducing stanchion spoiler, the design of every surface and edge scrutinised until it helped improve airflow and performance.

Whatever your driving style, the Camaro has a powertrain option tailored for you. From the standard, fierce 2.0L Turbo to the available V8 powerhouse, learn why there are zero compromises of power or efficiency with any option.

Interior Spectrum Lighting, available on the Camaro Turbo Coupe and standard on the Camaro Turbo Convertible and Camaro V8 Coupe and Convertible, surrounds the radio, door trim and cup holders, transitioning between 24 selectable colors. The color spectrum reacts to changes in drive modes and the lighting gives off an ambient night-time glow. Select “show mode” to trigger a pulsing, full-color light show.


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