Avon’s True Colour Finishing Pearls

Building on the success of its face pearls category, Avon launched its first ever 5-in-1 Finishing Pearls, which give a flawless look in seconds. Whether you prefer a “no make-up” make-up look or a fuller coverage base, the weightless formula blends effortlessly when worn alone or over foundation, leaving your skin looking beautiful and perfected.

Bursting with an array of three different coloured pearls which adapt to your natural skin tone, this velvety matte powder achieves an effortless colour match in an instant. Apply after moisturising or on top of foundation for the perfect finishing touch. Simply swirl, tap and buff with your favourite brush. These pearls really do it all, promising: 1. A light-diffusing, soft-focus velvety veil of colour 2. A flawless look that stays put 3. A multi-tonal skin match from every angle 4. Weightless powder coverage, perfect for hot and humid weather conditions 5. A breathable, mattifying formula for a natural, yet airbrushed look The perfect finishing touch, whatever your make-up loo..now that’s smarter beauty.




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