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Prada 365 F/W 2018 Man

An imagined reality; the fantasy of the self. The next incarnation of 365, showcasing the Prada Fall-Winter 2018 menswear collection, considers these notions - of illusion and dreams, imagination and actuality. Embodied by a new wave of Hollywood talent, the men’s collection is brought to new life within the enclaves of the Prada Fall-Winter 2018 Men’s Show, a fantastical ‘Prada Warehouse’, a space that can be inhabited but is nevertheless a chimera, a mirage.

Prada 365 F/W 2018 Man

This warehouse is populated with identities - ambiguous and enticing boxes and crates, demarcated with symbols drawn from Prada collections past – that speak of the multiplicities of interpretations. Comprising a trio of young actors - Joe Alwyn, Nick Robinson and Algee Smith - alongside actor and director Paul Dano, these protagonists discover both Prada’s multifaceted identity, and their own.

Prada 365 F/W 2018 1 Man

Exploring dual roles, of the actors themselves and of the characters they evoke within these make-believe surroundings, the campaign juxtaposes imagery of the actors inside the ‘Prada Warehouse’ with a series of monochrome portraits, all photographed by Willy Vanderperre. Investigating concepts of uniformity and individuality, the distinct personalities of each of these four protagonists shines through, bringing truth to illusion.

Photography and film by Willy Vanderperre Actors: Joe Alwyn, Paul Dano, Nick Robinson, Algee Smith


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