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Money and Medals

Numismatics is the study of coins, medals, banknotes and associated objects. The Money and Medals Network builds and develops relationships between UK museums with numismatic collections. This display explains the project, and showcases highlights of its work across the country so far.

Money and Medals

The Network is run by the British Museum and provides support and promotes best practice, with the goal of helping make these numismatic collections more accessible to the public. Preserving objects for future museum visitors to enjoy is central to the Network’s ambition, and advice and training is given to its members on how best to store coins, medals and banknotes.

Knowledge of how best to store coins has changed dramatically in recent years. Traditional methods of storing coins, like cushioning coin trays with felt, have been proven to negatively affect the condition of objects by attracting pests and giving off harmful gases.

An important aspect to the work of the Network is mapping the UK’s numismatic collections, and the display includes examples of how sub-networks are being created all over the country. The exhibition features loan objects from six participating institutions from all over the UK – Armagh Robinson Library, Inverness Museum and Art Gallery, Knowsley Hall, The Magic Circle Museum, the Regimental Museum of the Royal Welsh and the Science Museum. From Roman coins to cowrie shell money and medals from around the country, the display showcases the varied work of the Network.

Until 30 September 2018, Free


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