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Caring for Your Cheaney Shoes

Once you have purchased your beautifully handcrafted Cheaney shoes, naturally you will want to do everything you can to preserve them in pristine condition. The use of a wooden shoe tree is the most important thing you can do to maintain a pair of leather lined shoes.

Caring for Your Cheaney Shoes
Caring for Your Cheaney Shoes

Wooden shoe trees made of an absorbent material such as cedar should be inserted into the shoes immediately after every wear, in order to absorb perspiration from the lining of the shoe, keeping it from cracking while helping to reduce the creasing of the upper.

We advise that shoes are rotated and not worn continually, day after day, in order to give them the opportunity to dry out.

The regular use of wax polish, not containing silicone, is also important in the care of leather shoes. Shoes should be wiped clean before the application of polish with a suitable brush.

The important thing is to prevent the leather losing its natural oils.

These oils, which can be replenished by polishing, are the key to leather’s flexibility and strength. Even if you do not wish to wear your shoes straightaway, it’s important to nourish the leather.

For suede shoes, remove dirt when dry with a stiff brush, and then bring up the nap with a suede brush.

Also, with new leather soled shoes, for the first couple of times, it is good practice to walk in them on a dry, slightly gritty surface. If leather shoes get very wet, they should be left to dry naturally over a number of days, away from direct heat source.

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