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Valentino Men's Collection S/S 2019

Fashion is authentic only when it speaks about life. Beauty is connected to time, elitism is destroyed. The street encounters Couture, in a clash. Breaking the schemes, converting the extraordinary into ordinary.

Valentino men's Summer 2019

Exploring unknown territories, to let oneself go in order to learn. Musical horizons, antique analogies, feathers to indulge in. Angel’s wings and classic art, hurled on sidewalks.

Bombers, trench coats, tracksuits, suits: trap lyrics in a live recording. Baseball caps, cloche and feathered sneakers: pieces that break it up but that rhyme at the same. Urban sceneries merging with personal associations.

Valentino men's Summer 2019 1

To mark, to sign, to seize: in order to be and to be there. VLTN, as a logo and as lettering, that multiplies across the different surfaces. Magnified, cut out and duplicated. Couture as in personal and extravagant, that comes from the street.

A fuchsia beat, mint green, pink, black, white. Pied de Poule and classic patterns interrupted by the bootlegging of overprinted logos. Beauty in time with time. Couture encounters streetwear, in the street. Truly. Now.

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