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Valentino Haute Couture A/W 2018-19

Here, now. Memories that chase each other and overlap with the present, to be consumed by the breath of time. A sense of surprise that passes from one glance to another, myths that take on different hues, emotions that are imprinted in the air, between the intarsias, in the weavings. Now, in this moment, together, in and out of the frame of time.

Valentino Haute Couture AW 2018-19

Time is an intimate matter. It is the boundless breath of the imagination and the diligent rhythm of creation, the encounter between who imagines and who creates, bringing visions, from Kairós, that revolve around oneself, to Kronós made concrete by reality. It is the imagined that becomes substantial: the fantasy of real Haute Couture, pictured in a daydream, brought to life through emotions.

Valentino Haute Couture AW 2018-19 1

Everything has a memory: a touch is always a volatile and palpable imprinting. The hands, the mind, the thoughts, the moments: it is the dresses that connect and withhold personality and essence, points of view and gestures. An apollonian spontaneity pervades everything. Time of times, brought together here, now, in this moment. In a glance.

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