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Zuhair Murad Spring 2019

Throughout the ages, brides find themselves at the crossroad of timeless emotions and a ceremony celebrating a modernized tradition. For the Bridal Collection 2019, Zuhair Murad delves into the Art Déco movement, its architecture, and notably draws inspiration from New York’s Chrysler Building: the designs are streamlined and contrasted by a graphic use of ornamentation.

Zuhair Murad Spring 2019

Geometrically embroidered sequins accentuate each curve and line; featherwork acts as a wink to golden age Hollywood glamour. Both sensual and luxurious, the dresses delicately illuminate the body, and are contrasted by glistening inlays, soft, elongated hemlines, and cape-trails.

This controlled sense of ostentation brings together bustier dresses and boat necks in sheer textiles and corded lace and gentle embroideries for a tattoo-like effect. Breezy 1930s-inspired veils are delicately tied behind the neck and crown the head; Mikado silk skirts are layered on top of dresses.

The collection evolves in a palette of off-white and cream tones, with repetitive circular motives for a trompe l’œil effect. The result, the alliance between architectural rigor and glistening sensuality, celebrates the woman whose future is happening that day.

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