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Icosae Spring - Summer 2019

This Spring Summer collection takes the brand on a road trip. Inspired by such iconic films as Thelma and Louise or Las Vegas Parano, the artistic director, Valentin Glémarec, wanted to capture the energy of a trip: Freedom, excitement and unexpected consequences.

Icosae Spring - Summer 2019

For the first time without presenting a show, he decides to unveil the collection through a 2000 km road trip across the United States, meeting fellow travelers who will become the models wearing the collection in the heat of the West Desert. Coast.

The collection translates this trip with straight-sleeved suit jackets, as if torn off during an unexpected altercation or a hand-painted camouflage print on a light cotton parka or jogging pants-a walk-in closet designed for shipping and handling. 'adventure.

The street wear is also underlined by the printed Muses, always worked with oil on canvas. They can be classic with a twist like the Girl with the Veiled Pearl or the Venus activist, or completely avant-garde like an Alien also painted in oil on canvas like the classic muses.

Icosae Spring - Summer 2019 1

The idea of ​​recycling and environment is also a theme present in different parts of the collection. First with the original "Galaxy Waste" printed by Valentin: a trompe-l'oeil all over that looks floral from afar but is actually a succession of debris. The collaboration on the leather jacket with the Schott brand also relates to this with unique pieces hand painted.

This season, the collaboration with Christian Louboutin sees their iconic sneaker, Chelsea Rows and Boots revisited with metallic details and a work on reflection.

Icosae is also happy to introduce young talents through accessories with the work of designer Kevin Auger on hats and caps.

This season is also an opportunity for the brand to present its vision of the woman Icosae through 4 looks mixing femininity, street wear and tailoring.

View the collection here:


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