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Wonderlab: The Statoil Gallery

Fuel your imagination and immerse yourself in a world of wonder at the most spectacular interactive gallery in the world. Visit the museum and think like a scientist at Wonderlab: The Statoil Gallery. Revealing the beauty of the science and maths that shape our everyday lives, this unmissable experience will ignite your curiosity, fuel your imagination and inspire you to see the world around you in new and exciting ways.

Wonderlab: The Statoil Gallery

With over 50 mind-blowing exhibits, shows and demonstrations to enjoy, Wonderlab is an experience unlike any other. Spread across seven different zones, there's loads of opportunity to get hands on with real scientific phenomena. Order live experiments at our Chemistry Bar, see lightning strike before your eyes, play with forces on giant slides or travel through space under a canopy of stars.

You can also take part in explosive science demonstrations and shows, led by our talented team of Explainers. A selection of the following shows will be performed daily—please be aware you are not guaranteed to see the show of your choice. Shows last approximately 20 minutes.

Flash! Bang! Wallop!

What makes a fire? How can explosions help us in our everyday lives? What makes things go bang? With the help of fire tornadoes and real explosions, we’ll explain all this and more.

This show is suitable for children aged 7–12

Live Wire!

Electricity powers our lives and our homes—but where does it come from? Discover the world of generators and wires behind your plug socket and test your knowledge of how to use electricity safely.

This show is suitable for children aged 6–10.

The Rocket Show!

Hundreds of rockets have been launched into space from Earth. In this show we’ll launch our own, examine rocket fuel and learn how astronauts get into space and back safely, all with the help of Newton’s Laws of Motion.

This show is suitable for children aged 9–14.

Prime Time!

Maths is everywhere in the world around us—it allows us to solve problems and understand how science works. This show explores how we use maths in our everyday lives, from how we design buildings to the way we can win at games.

This show is suitable for children aged 9–14.


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