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Paul Brady – Unfinished Business

Paul Brady releases his first new studio album in seven years Unfinished Business on September 8th via Proper Records. Brady’s 15th solo album and follow-up to 2010’s acclaimed ‘Hooba Dooba’, Unfinished Business features nine new compositions and two traditional folk songs and mirrors the eclecticism of Paul’s long and varied musical journey.

Paul Brady – Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business was recorded at Paul’s studio in Dublin, with Paul engineering the record and playing most of the instruments himself. Of the nine new songs, Paul wrote three with Paul Muldoon, five with Sharon Vaughn and one with Ralph Murphy.

The two traditional songs are: ‘Lord Thomas And Fair Ellender’, which Paul has sung ever since he heard Mike Seeger’s version back in the 60s, and ‘The Cocks Are Crowing’, which he learned from the singing of the late Eddie Butcher from Magilligan in County Derry.

Track list: 1. Unfinished Business 2. I Love You But You Love Him 3. Something To Change 4. Say You Don’t Mean 5. Oceans Of Time 6. Harvest Time 7. The Cocks Are Crowing 8. I Like How You Think 9. Maybe Tomorrow 10. Once In A Life Time 11. Lord Thomas And Fair Ellender


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