Crockett & Jones: The Home of Fine English Shoes

Since 1879 Crockett & Jones has produced some of the world’s finest footwear from their factory in Northampton, the shoemaking capital of England. To this current day, the business is owned and managed by the founding family, who emphasise quality and timeless style above all else.

Crockett & Jones was established in 1879 by two brothers in law, James Crockett & Charles Jones. The first Crockett & Jones factory was a small building on Exeter Road, Northampton which housed the initial 20 employees. Leathers were cut at the factory before being distributed to out-workers, who would take the parts home, complete their process and then return all components to the factory, where the shoes or boots could be completed.

Spring Summer 2018 Collection: Crawford

Crawford, a Penny loafer made from the finest calf leather and bark tanned single leather soles. From the Hand Grade collection.

With the arrival of the 1890s James Crockett and Charles Jones - the 2nd generation - recognised the need to find a larger factory for continued expansion of the business. So, in 1910, a 5-storey factory expansion commenced that was the first steel structured building in Northampton.

Crockett & Jones now had an established reputation as one of the best shoe makers in the country and in 1911 were awarded the Diploma of Honour at the International Manufacturing Exhibition in Turin for their footwear designs.

1924 was a year of great pride for all at the company. Crockett & Jones was honoured with a visit from the future King George VI who paid great attention to the shoe making process on a tour around the factory, led by recently knighted Sir James Crockett.

Spring Summer 2018 Collection: Cadogan

Cadogan, an unlined loafer made from the finest calf grain and bark tanned single leather soles. This style is from the Hand Grade collection.

Through the 90s the reputation of Crockett & Jones brand as a signal of quality had grown, and so it was decided to re-visit the company’s long standing interest in retail. In 1997 Crockett & Jones opened their first standalone retail shop in Jermyn Street, London.

By 2016, Crockett & Jones shoes were being exported to nearly 30 countries around the world alongside a retail network of 12 own brand stores. After more than 135 years the shoes still retain the attention to detail, quality, comfort and durability that was the hallmark of their founders, Sir James Crockett and Charles Jones.


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