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Zadig & Voltaire Men's S/S 2019

How can we honour Zadig & Voltaire's heritage? By revisiting the male wardrobe icons and basics through three styles and three ways of wearing Zadig. A week in the life of a man who is sexy, doesn't take life too seriously, and surrounds himself with art, music, and skateboarding.

Zadig & Voltaire Men's SS 2019

The Zadig man dares to wear anything. He casually dons a Magritte blue washed satin bomber jacket; a timeless rock style, pairing it with skateboard sneaks. He layers a red pullover on top of his sun-bleached pastel look, each piece faded and lightly destroyed over years of use at the Venice skate parks. Sunrise yellow, dune beige, verdigris khaki, greyish red: the classics have got it all, each tone developing into something more beautiful after years of spent out in the California sun. Rendered in poplin jacquard, jersey and knit, each piece has raw softness, making them the ones you never want to take off.

Zadig & Voltaire Men's S/S 2019-1

Animal prints and paisley patterns mix with blood red braiding, cotton cargo pants, and other army-inspired details. Each look can be topped off with the ultra-supple nylon coats and jackets, whose casual tailoring belies a laidback aesthetic made for Venice, California.

The off-duty army vibe continues with sand and sky-blue camouflage print shirts, cotton jackets embroidered with a cannabis leaf, and the slogan Art changes everything. Zadig plays around with overdyed cotton hoodies emblazoned with tongue-in-cheek slogans: Army becomes Arty, followed by the words Lover, Rock and Kiss.

For Spring / Summer 2019, Zadig has inspired the resurgence of a pacifist army, trekking from Woodstock to Los Angeles with skateboards slung over their shoulders and the husky voice of Joe Cocker as a soundtrack.

Zadig & Voltaire Men's S/S 2019-2

It's a question of freedom at all times. Better still, free-spiritedness. Images from the film Lords of Dogtown, depicting a seventies California in the midst of a heatwave with its surfers-turned-skateboarders, recur in bursts.

Denim is tinted yellow, Bermuda shorts are worn loose, pulled in with a cord at the waist, while open checked shirts flutter over Henley-neck T-shirts printed with a typical van en route for Los Angeles' Voltaire Club. Last but not least, an authentic stonewashed finish marks a collection of jeans featuring a unique large leather label. Ultimately, that's what Zadig & Voltaire's heritage is about: the desire for truth, adventure, art, music, and fashion.

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