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Experience Liguria by Train

Rail holidays have been on the rise in 2022. Travellers have been enjoying this pleasant mode of transportation from which you can take in the landscape and make stops during a relaxed journey.

Experience Liguria by Train
Experience Liguria by Train

Liguria’s railway network crosses most of the region, linking the four provinces and the main towns across the coasts of Ponente and Levante, as well as the hinterland. Fascinating itineraries are available, each with specific characteristics that make every corner of the territory unique. From the Cinque Terre to Casella there are many municipalities that can be experienced by train.

The coastal railway is a visually stunning experience incorporating the popular seaside towns. It’s a great way see the lesser visited spots along the western Riviera; Bordighera, San Remo, Albenga, Laigeuglia, Alassio and Finale Ligure. Then it’s onto the cultural and historical capital of Genoa, followed by Camogli, Rapallo, Sestri Levante, Moneglia, Bonassola and the Cinque Terre stations along the eastern Riviera.

The Cinque Terre Express

With the Cinque Terre Express you can discover all of the enchanting corners of the UNESCO World Heritage Park. The regional trains cross this picturesque stretch of the Ligurian coast, making stops in all five locations of the Cinque Terre Park; Monterosso, Corniglia, Vernazza, Manarola and Riomaggiore.

Up until November 4th 2018, tickets for the regional trains that stop in the Cinque Terre (between the stations of Levanto and La Spezia) are available at the price €4 per person for adults and €2 for children aged 4 - 12 years.

Liguria by Train

The Casella Train

Travel on the small Casella Train from Genoa to Casella (in the Scrivia Valley) and enjoy the 25km beautiful scenic route featuring fortresses, broad valleys, woods, aerial views of the historic Aqueduct and ancient villages all along the way.

Tickets on the Casella Train are available from from €3 per person. Tickets from Genoa to Casella are available at €4.50 per person.

Situated in northwest Italy, Liguria is also known as the Italian Riviera. The long and narrow coastal region is recognized for its capital Genoa, the iconic UNESCO World Heritage Cinque Terre villages and for being the home of pesto. Liguria, the perfect blend of authenticity and relaxation, is renowned for its incredible beaches, beautifully preserved medieval villages, stunning mountains and unique cuisine.

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