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Summer Shoe Tips

Who really doesn't know that George Cleverley created the amazing and exclusive range of shoes which were worn in the movie "Kingsman''? Who doesn't know that George Cleverley became known for making the Cleverley shape - a graceful, chisel-toed shoe which became signature to his extraordinary craft?

Summer Shoe Tips
Summer Shoe Tips

We often get asked for suggestions of how to pair summer shoes with suits and color combinations which work well together. Here are a few suggestions from George Cleverley:

The “George” loafer in dark brown suede is the most versatile shoe they offer. It is unlined and extremely comfortable. The “George” works perfect below with a double breasted jacket in stone moleskin with cream winter cotton trousers with grey and white stripe crew neck cotton t-shirt, wool pocket square, chocolate brown webbing and leather belt. The “George” loafer also works very well with linen trousers or denim jeans.

George Cleverley Shoes 1

The “Reuben” in polo brown suede is the perfect style & material to wear for the season at the Kentucky Derby, a summer wedding or simply a casual Friday at work. They pair this with a double breasted jacket and trousers in light blue cotton with white linen shirt, Irish linen pocket square with blue trim and saffron and white silk stripe tie. This style features their “smart round toe” last shape and can be made in a variety of different colors & materials.

George Cleverley Shoes 2

The “Adrian” tan calf loafer with braided interlacing works perfect when combined with a single breasted jacket and trousers in olive cotton with pink Irish linen shirt, pink and white gingham cotton pocket square, khaki webbing and leather belt. Perfect for all occasions. Some men like to wear the “Adrian” with no socks on the weekend for a casual look or if made in black calf works great with a suit.

George Cleverley Shoes 3

The “George” loafer in ocean blue suede. This unlined loafer can be dressed up for suits or dress down for weekend attire depending on the color of the upper. Here they combined this with a single breasted jacket (notice the turn back cuff, a personal favorite of Mr. George Glasgow Snr) and trousers in mediterranean blue with white Irish linen shirt and white Irish linen pocket square.

George Cleverley Shoes 4


George Cleverley was born on the 10th of August 1898 into a shoemaking family in London. After the war he joined Tuczec, a high society London shoemaker on Clifford Street, Mayfair. He remained there for 38 years. George left Tuczec in 1958 to start up his own business. G.J.Cleverley of Cork Street, Mayfair, London. Today, the company is still a family run business headed by Mr. George Glasgow Snr (Chairman) & Mr. George Glasgow Jr (CEO & Creative Director).

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