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Kenzo La Collection Memento N°2

A young woman, briefly escaping from the listless haze of her daily office life, boards a boat bound a Japanese island for a vacation. She wanders alone and silent. In the distance, a shadow appears, only to flicker out of sight just as suddenly.

Kenzo La Collection Memento N°2

Gradually, the young woman and the shadow play an abstract game of cat and mouse throughout the teeming flora of the island.

This hide-and-seek game culminates in a ritual in which the shadow anoints the woman with seawater, leading to an embrace while waist deep in the ocean. With the embrace, woman and spirit merge with the water surrounding the island, becoming one with the waves.

Kenzo La Collection Memento N°2

The prints of KENZO La Collection Memento N°2 - with playful nods to the silhouettes of fishermen, pearl divers, and swimwear - elevate the air of melancholy whimsy. *Shot by C.G. Watkins


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