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Barker - Tradition of Fine English Shoes

Barker shoes have been synonymous with quality English shoemaking for over 135 years. Only the most carefully selected leathers are used and the uppers are shaped on the last by hand. Many other traditional shoemaking methods are still employed including slow natural drying and polishing. This is why Barker English shoes have a unique quality that no machine can ever match.

Barker - Tradition of Fine English Shoes
Barker - Tradition of Fine English Shoes

Barker have been making shoes in the Northamptonshire village of Earls Barton since 1880. In a changing world, it's good to know you can still find perfection if you look for it. One thing for sure, it is craftsmen and fine materials that makes good shoes. At Barkers, there is no shortage of either. Their craftspeople produce some 200,000 pairs of hand lasted sewn shoes each year.

Take a look at some of Barker’s finest pair of shoes we discovered in their summer collection:


A casual hand woven, lockstitched moccasin with saddle detail. Made with a single leather sole.


The seasonal version of Valiant. Hand Painted crust leather contrasted with canvas, perfect to complete your summer outfit.


A stylish oxford brogue with a distinctive medallion toe punch and subtle colour contrast. Made with a single leather sole.


Benedict is a step away from the traditional 'Plain fronted' derby, incorporating grain and crocodile print (calf leather) vamps with a contrast collar and facings.


An elegant loafer introduced crafted on Barker’s 450 anniversary last with a channelled welted sole construction.

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