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Narciso Rodriguez Bleu Noir

Deeply mysterious and elegant, the bottle of bleu noir eau de toilette is the perfect incarnation for every man. Narciso Rodriguez has refined and redefined the eau de parfum bottle with his exquisite eye for detail and as a visionary colorist. The vibrant fragrance for him!

The bottle remains a pure and stylish rectangle except it is dark blue with a mystique of its own; its multi-layered transparency is created by the signature process of painting from within. The outer packaging echoes the dark blue.

Bleu noir eau de toilette redefines masculine sensuality with a clean scent, sharp yet enigmatic and extremely seductive. The woody based notes of ebony, cedar and vetiver are exalted by the freshness of top notes of cardamom and nutmeg while the heart of musk, the distinctive feature of narciso rodriguez, adds a hint of mystery.

With its raw sensuality and its deep elegance, the scent of for him bleu noir eau de toilette leaves a trail of magnetic desire and adorns the skin with a beautiful confidence. The fragrance captures the epitome of modern men with great depth and clarity and a unique spirit. An addictive and essential perfume.

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