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John Smedley: The Calidity AW18 Collection

John Smedley presented a love story featuring Robert Montgomery & Greta Bellamacina. A collaboration of two hearts and two art-forms creates an intoxicating creative force. In these times of innovation, a return to love is at the centre of their AW18 collection, inspired by the artist and poet, Robert Montgomery and his wife, poet and filmmaker, Greta Bellamacina.

Calidity, the ancient word for warmth, is explored as a fabric interpretation of the love between the two British artists, for each other and their crafts; each piece both a blanket from the elements and a spark of heat from within in.

Harnessing the innovative way the New River Press founders communicate art and poetry, this season is fueled by the age-old notion of love. This channeled cutting edge contemporary collection is as unique as Robert and Greta’s modern verse.

Sky-high wooden words of love set alight as Robert’s renowned fire-poems fill the air with warm smoke that twists for miles, replicated through a reflective yarn that comes alive with movement, while a mix of luxurious fabrics including an Alpaca blend and John Smedley’s famed Extra Fine Merino Wool comfort the soul.

Choosing the film and poetry as her medium to convey verses on modern female life, motherhood and society, a colour palette of rich bronze and ash tones contrasted with electric blues and rich greens translate the passion felt topics, into tone for the collection.


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